Thursday, July 16, 2009

Christopher, July 2009

As a blogger for my work, you would think I would be sure to have constant posts on my family page. After all my motto is (for work) "Its better to have no blog than a blog with infrequent posts." But really, a family blog is just ANOTHER thing to mess with! Can't facebook be enough?!

OK, update. Christopher is about as cute as ever - except he has a nasty little tummy bug that doesn't seem to be going anywhere. Um, I am sad to say that is really it. We play outside, we read books, we like to have a weekly visit to a pool or at least a sprinkler. Um, we like the Bachelorette and So You Think You Can Dance (ok I do). Christopher changes everyday. He says new words, understands new directions and is less and less of a baby everyday. I can't believe how quickly life goes from holding and snuggling and watching them sleep to squirming when you hold them, crying for freedom and chasing after running toddlers. I love each stage, but I wish they would last longer!