Tuesday, August 31, 2010

This Really Happened

I woke up in the middle of the night with a horrible migraine. I am used to them, but they can still knock me out - so I decided to sleep in a bit.

We got up at 7:30, so Chris thought it was a fun, stay home day. He was NOT a happy boy when I took him to the car - so he pouted "NO CAR" in the driveway. I walked to get him and he ran away from me. When I finally caught up to him in front of a neighbors house, it was a major struggle to get him in the car seat.

Once in the car seat, I attempted to strap him in. Mind you, he is 2 - but he is 31 pounds of sheer muscle - couple that muscle with anger, and he is unstoppable. A teacher once told me he is the most determined little boy EVER - which will be a good trait for when he is having trouble with school work or a job or something, but is bad NOW when his focus is being freed from his seat.

So, here I am (head pounding), attempting to strap him in so I could get to work. Here he is, kicking, wiggling, scooting. I wanted to get between his seat and the passenger seat, but being as pregnant as I am, I couldn't fit. Between his wiggles and my pleading, I made the decision to hoist a leg over his seat to keep him in place (thank you prenatal yoga, but I wish I didn't have a dress on today).

Well, my hoisted leg was an obstacle that totally set him off. He decided at that moment to scoot down as far as possible - and ended up nearly choking himself on his seat belt strap. Still mad and kicking with all his might, he would NOT scoot back up (and I couldn't scoot him).

I always vowed to only spank in life threatening situations (I am sure this "vow" will change with each day, year, child), and for now, this felt life threatening- I mean, he was choking himself! I couldn't really get his bottom (he was sitting), so I swatted at it a few times with a pathetic force. I couldn't tell he didn't notice what I was doing, so I said (maybe I yelled): "I hope you know I am SPANKING YOU RIGHT NOW!"

I rarely break a sweat, and I here I was, standing the garage, in a full blown, leg-up, looking for a bottom to spank, dress on, 75% humidity, 6 months pregnant, neighbors watching, sweat.

After my spanking attempt, Christopher stopped, looked at up me and I think he almost laughed. So I took down my leg, straightened my dress and buckled him in.

Ah, motherhood...

Today's Perk - Storytelling

Christopher can now put sentences together, it is amazing. Sure, the grammar is usually not correct, and only a select few people can really understand every single word he says - but I'm amazed that he even tries to put together words and sentences and stories.

Last week, Christopher hurt his finger. Now, he walks up to everyone, finger extended into the air and says:

"Daddy make a pizza, I burn my finger, I get a band aid." Pretty self explanatory, right?

A few days ago - Christopher fell out of a chair at our friends house. Now, he frequently tells me:

"I fall down at Easton's house, I bump my head, Mommy pick me up, I cried."

For the record, he did NOT cry - but seemed to think about crying. I, however, happily used the opportunity to snuggle him as tight as a human can snuggle.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Run. Chase. Waddle.

Well, now that it is not AS hot outside, I have been taking Christopher on nightly walks - just to burn a little energy (for all of us).

Christopher absolutely refuses going anywhere near his stroller - he is all about his freedom. He also wants the explore "the open road" (or in his case, open sidewalk), so he won't ride in his wagon.

Therefore, he runs.

Well, I am entering my 3rd trimester and am not as quick on my feet (luckily, he stops if I scream "FREEZE!" at the top of my lungs).

Because of our situation, our nightly walks really consist of Christopher running, Johnny chasing him and me waddling after them.

Needless to say, we are an interesting site to see - so if ever in Fishers around 7:30, drive through our neighborhood - you won't regret it!

Friday, August 27, 2010

I Take Care of Mama

My husband has to occasionally head out of town for work. Because I have become utterly dependent on him for his delicious, gourmet cooking (Sadly, "So remind me, how do I make this frozen pizza?" has come out of my mouth), the help he gives with Christopher and just his general company - I am usually lost for a few days when he goes away.

Anyway, while he was gone - I filled our evenings with walks and dinners that I can easily make (chicken and rice). Christopher took long bubble baths and we snuggled up in bed watching movies. We missed Daddy, but we had a nice three days.

This morning, Johnny went in to wake Christopher up. Christopher saw his daddy and squeezed him to bits. Then he leaned back in his arms, put his hands on Johnny's face and said, in a serious tone: "Daddy, I take care of mama, ok?" Like no worries, I took care of her -she's fine, she ate dinner...

My little monkey did take EXCELLENT care of me.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Quite Possibly the Cutest Photo Ever Taken...

Christopher and Easton have mommies that are best friends. When we realized they were going to be a mere 5 months apart in age, we knew they too would be best friends. They fight, they hit each other, they play, they take sides against each other, they take sides together, they laugh, they wrestle, they tickle, they hug.

The above picture makes my heart smile. Mine is the one tugging on his ear, Easton is the one making the silly face. Love them!