Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Today's Perk - Storytelling

Christopher can now put sentences together, it is amazing. Sure, the grammar is usually not correct, and only a select few people can really understand every single word he says - but I'm amazed that he even tries to put together words and sentences and stories.

Last week, Christopher hurt his finger. Now, he walks up to everyone, finger extended into the air and says:

"Daddy make a pizza, I burn my finger, I get a band aid." Pretty self explanatory, right?

A few days ago - Christopher fell out of a chair at our friends house. Now, he frequently tells me:

"I fall down at Easton's house, I bump my head, Mommy pick me up, I cried."

For the record, he did NOT cry - but seemed to think about crying. I, however, happily used the opportunity to snuggle him as tight as a human can snuggle.

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