Tuesday, August 31, 2010

This Really Happened

I woke up in the middle of the night with a horrible migraine. I am used to them, but they can still knock me out - so I decided to sleep in a bit.

We got up at 7:30, so Chris thought it was a fun, stay home day. He was NOT a happy boy when I took him to the car - so he pouted "NO CAR" in the driveway. I walked to get him and he ran away from me. When I finally caught up to him in front of a neighbors house, it was a major struggle to get him in the car seat.

Once in the car seat, I attempted to strap him in. Mind you, he is 2 - but he is 31 pounds of sheer muscle - couple that muscle with anger, and he is unstoppable. A teacher once told me he is the most determined little boy EVER - which will be a good trait for when he is having trouble with school work or a job or something, but is bad NOW when his focus is being freed from his seat.

So, here I am (head pounding), attempting to strap him in so I could get to work. Here he is, kicking, wiggling, scooting. I wanted to get between his seat and the passenger seat, but being as pregnant as I am, I couldn't fit. Between his wiggles and my pleading, I made the decision to hoist a leg over his seat to keep him in place (thank you prenatal yoga, but I wish I didn't have a dress on today).

Well, my hoisted leg was an obstacle that totally set him off. He decided at that moment to scoot down as far as possible - and ended up nearly choking himself on his seat belt strap. Still mad and kicking with all his might, he would NOT scoot back up (and I couldn't scoot him).

I always vowed to only spank in life threatening situations (I am sure this "vow" will change with each day, year, child), and for now, this felt life threatening- I mean, he was choking himself! I couldn't really get his bottom (he was sitting), so I swatted at it a few times with a pathetic force. I couldn't tell he didn't notice what I was doing, so I said (maybe I yelled): "I hope you know I am SPANKING YOU RIGHT NOW!"

I rarely break a sweat, and I here I was, standing the garage, in a full blown, leg-up, looking for a bottom to spank, dress on, 75% humidity, 6 months pregnant, neighbors watching, sweat.

After my spanking attempt, Christopher stopped, looked at up me and I think he almost laughed. So I took down my leg, straightened my dress and buckled him in.

Ah, motherhood...

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marci81 said...

omg that is a funny story but I can't imagine doing all of that with a headache and prego...props to you momma!