Friday, August 27, 2010

I Take Care of Mama

My husband has to occasionally head out of town for work. Because I have become utterly dependent on him for his delicious, gourmet cooking (Sadly, "So remind me, how do I make this frozen pizza?" has come out of my mouth), the help he gives with Christopher and just his general company - I am usually lost for a few days when he goes away.

Anyway, while he was gone - I filled our evenings with walks and dinners that I can easily make (chicken and rice). Christopher took long bubble baths and we snuggled up in bed watching movies. We missed Daddy, but we had a nice three days.

This morning, Johnny went in to wake Christopher up. Christopher saw his daddy and squeezed him to bits. Then he leaned back in his arms, put his hands on Johnny's face and said, in a serious tone: "Daddy, I take care of mama, ok?" Like no worries, I took care of her -she's fine, she ate dinner...

My little monkey did take EXCELLENT care of me.


marci81 said...

That is too cute, he seems to say some of the most clever and smart things sometimes!

Johnny, Sarah and Christopher said...

:) I personally think he is a genius!