Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Today's Perk of Being a Mama - Cuteness

Yesterday was another warm weather day, so I took C to the backyard to play. He was climbing, crawling, running, sliding, walking, swinging - and of course, muddy. The picture above is the one moment of peace that he had - this is after he climbed the ladder and before he went down the slide (a dog barked and distracted him).


Karl said...

is so adorable. could he be any cuter? he really does LOVE LOVE LOVE going outside. I realized this when babysitting one day and he was standing at the sliding door, banging his hands on the door wanting OUT. It was freezing out and icy drizzle. We didn't go out that day, but we did go out a few days later when it was warmer and not icy.

Karl said...

PLEASE NOTE---THE above comment was made by Barbara Ahlrichs, NOT KARL.....not sure how that happened.