Thursday, August 13, 2009

Oops, my bad!

I have a fondness for the F word. I know, I know - what kind of lady uses the F word?! I just feel like it can really emphasize a point. Today (or was it yesterday? My life resembles Groundhog Day, so it all blurs together) I was on the way to drop my sweet, perfect 15 month old off at daycare. I realized I forgot his blanket AGAIN (or was it that I realized I forgot my materials for a conference?!) - anyway, I forgot something vital for the day but I was too far out to head back home (anyone else that deals with I-69 traffic in Fishers feels me). In a situation like this, what else could I say but "F---!"

Well, it was then that I heard a sweet little voice say "uck! uck!" Oops, my bad. thankfully he didn't say the F before the word, so I could easily explain that we are working on different animals (duck!) or maybe his foot was "stuck?" Hmm... OK, time to find a new favorite word - any suggestions?

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