Tuesday, August 18, 2009


I am not proud to say that I have a general dislike for teenagers. I know, I know - in the (semi) recent past I myself was a teenager, so how can I judge? But as I get older, my tolerance of 14-18 year olds gets smaller. My office is close to the high school and so they park in my valuable parking spot. Even the dudes wear skinny jeans. Their music booms so loudly it hurts my eardrums (to be fair to current teenagers, my eardrums hurt NOW because of the damage I did as a teenager with my own music). And most of all - I seem OLD to teenagers (which makes me dislike them beyond recognition).

My hubby had a late meeting and he does all the good cooking, so what was I to do but go out to eat? So Lil Bucky & I arrive at Noodles & Company ready to eat when we discover teenagers sitting in our usual spot (back corner- it makes it easier to hide my face when Bucky screams with joy at the top of his lungs). These teenagers had random piercings, crazy spiked hair, skinny jeans. I knew I was in for misery, but I sat next to them anyway.

Well, they were really nice. And sweet. Lil Bucky loves to say "HI!" and wave at every human being, so when he started with them I thought they'd be annoyed. But NO - Skinny Jeans Guy was all normal smiles and waves. Girl with the 80's outfit was saying "HI!" right back. I even heard a few "aw, he's so cute" comments. And they stopped to say "Bye!" to my little guy.

It melted my heart to see Lil Bucky smile so brightly... So I am now announcing on my blog that I don't hate teenagers, well at least not all of them.

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