Monday, August 31, 2009

Today's Perk of Being a Mama - A Cat's Best Friend

Poor Cici & Gracie...

10 years ago, my college roommie brought home these 2 tiny kitty cats. They were bitty little orange and gray fluff balls and I wanted nothing to do with them. "OK Katie, you can keep them - but you are doing ALL the work. I want nothing to do with them."

That night they slept in my room.

Some time later, when Katie and I parted ways, she took my house plant, I took her cats (fair trade, right?)

I adored, spoiled, loved, snuggled them.

They were suspicious of Lil Bucky when I first brought him home, but he was tiny and surely he would go away soon, right? Suddenly all my adoration, spoiling, loving and snuggling was going to this new little creature - and this little creature was slowly growing up AND growing more interested in them (AND in pulling their tails). Hey, at least they are finally getting some attention again!

Christopher trying to tackle Gracie...

Hey Gracie, PLEASE come back downstairs, I'll be nice!!!


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