Monday, September 6, 2010

Special Talents

Johnny is amazing with numbers. You can give him any random math question and he'll quickly figure out the answer in his head.

That is fantastic and all - but really, when do you need MATH? My special talent? My ability to recall all kinds of random pop culture facts. I may not be able to tell you the square root of whatever, but I can tell you unnecessary details about famous people, tv shows, movies and music (however, my biggest pop culture weakness is 80's music. I know the songs, I just can't remember what band sang what before they broke up and went to this or that band - I do have a friend, Stephanie, who specializes in this particular topic).

I am not a total loser, this trait is genetic. My dad, who has no tv, will glance quickly at a People Magazine and remember every single detail about Paris Hilton or Jersey Shore ("Can you believe that Sammie & Ronnie are back together?").

Really, this trait may seem pointless - but when was the last time you needed the answer to a random math problem? And when was the last time you said, or thought, "Who IS that guy? What movie was he in???"

OK, time to sign off - the Bachelor Pad starts in a few minutes and Christopher still needs to get ready for bed...

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marci81 said...

Love it, I am particularly good at geography and directions (I have been dubbed "mapquest" by friends and family) I share your "pain" of not knowing much about 80's music, I am awful at pretty much anything before 2000 though:(