Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Things You Do for a Smile

As a two year old, Christopher doesn't always have an easy time with being dropped off at school in the mornings. Sure, he loves his teachers and friends - but he tends have his sweet, chubby, little arms pointed up in the air at me as he sobs "Ma-ma..." A sad little lower lip comes out and everything. When I pick him up he is laughing and playing and running, I have to all but drag him out of there.

Basically, it is Mama Torture.

Well, I recently discovered that if I give him a big hug, say "I'll be right back" and blow kisses to him the entire way out the door as I leave, he is fine - he smiles, waves. The only problem is that the walk out the door is about 30 steps, and I have to do it backwards. While waving. And blowing kisses. And yelling "Love you!" and "I'll be right back!" While dodging a sea of running children and other parents dropping off children. And while seven months pregnant.

But really, leaving without seeing the extended arms, rolling tears and protruding lower lip makes all the backward walking, toddler tripping, "Excuse Mes" worth it...

I am a sucker for a Christopher smile.

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