Tuesday, October 12, 2010

40 Weeks

Tonight we are going to visit Grandma Barbara and Papa Karlos (also known as Ganma Barbala and PaKarlos).

Christopher is VERY excited to see them, and talked about the visit all night last night.

He also must have overheard a me saying that pregnancy lasts for 40 weeks, and that 40 weeks is a LONG time, because this morning on the way to school he said:

"No school today. I go to Ganma Barbala's house for 40 weeks, ok Mama?"

Playing on a dirt pile at Ganma
Barbala's - no wonder he wants to
stay there for 40 weeks!


Karl said...

Wow. There's a very perceptive brain in there...

The dirt pile is gone - we will have to find a new one!

Johnny, Sarah and Christopher said...

Yes, he is basically a genius. :)

And we can go exploring for a new dirt pile tonight!