Friday, October 22, 2010


Well, another vow is broken. NO, nothing serious - but I seriously need to stop making vows to myself (silent our otherwise).

The day that my dear friend Kori asked me to be in her wedding, I vowed to NOT be pregnant. The prospect of an open bar is a quality reason for family planning, right?

Here I sit, 8 months pregnant, sipping water from the open bar

When Christopher was a newborn, I vowed to not spank him. Why? Because I, a woman and mother of the new millennium, would use my words and reason to rationalize with my baby as he grew up. As I stared at my tiny sleeping newborn, I never imagined the day (in the not so distant future) when he would possibly run into the street, where cars drive, and ignore my cries of "Stop! Freeze! NOOOOO!" When I finally got my hands on him, after I covered him with kisses, he was lucky I didn't strangle him.

As I stared at that tiny little newborn (see his sweetness in the picture
below), I also never pictured this day.

A third promise - I would never, ever, EVER call my husband "Daddy." I thought it was weird, and for a long time after C was born Johnny was never referred to as Daddy, Dada, Papa, etc.

About a year ago, Christopher was in the bubble bath and wanted Johnny to come upstairs. He called "Daddy! Dad-dy!" Johnny didn't hear his cries for attention so he yelled: "JOHN-NY!" He then spent weeks calling Johnny by his first name, me by my first name. Johnny and I immediately started with "Mommy" and "Daddy" - and now it is just who we are...

Hanging out with "Daddy Johnny..."

My latest broken vow? During the magic of my first pregnancy, I couldn't understand the craziness of other end of pregnancy ladies. I vowed to never complain.

Well... I am sorry and ashamed to say that I am a TOTAL end of pregnancy complainer. "When is it going to happen?" "I'm sleepy..." "I'm hot..." "Acid reflux IS not fun." "Yay, I may be weeks away from delivery, but here I am - still battling morning sickness! Yay, pregnancy can be awesome." "I can't drink at Kori's wedding - whaaa!"

Now, I would NOT change the pregnancy for anything in the world - I feel honored that I can even have children - and then at the end of the 40 long weeks, I get a really awesome prize. BUT, stay away from me until the baby arrives - turns out I am a total whiner.

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