Monday, November 8, 2010

Cuteness Round Up

A couple of silly things to begin the week:

A family portrait

First story: Christopher's best buddy, Easton, is a few months older than Chris. He is currently in the place of life where he is trying to understand relationships, how people are related, etc. The other day he asked his mama, Sarah (my best friend) who his cousins are. She answered his question, and said "Oh and Christopher. Christopher is your cousin too." He laughed at her and said "NO Mama, Chrisafer is FAMILY." Cuteness.

Second story: This morning, we had the radio on REALLY low. The song that was playing had the lyrics of "I don't wanna break, break, a break break your heart..." Christopher somehow heard the words (I didn't even hear them!) and said "Mama, is someone going to break Baby HEART!?" Aaaawwww.

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