Monday, November 29, 2010

They Say Childhood Goes by in A Blur...

Well, I keep hearing to cherish every moment with my little ones (even the bad) - because their childhood will go by in a blur.

Well, last Saturday, we took Christopher to the Indy Children's Museum for a day of fun (and we didn't know it yet, but baby Emmy was coming early the next morning). We also met up with my brother's girlfriend and her daughter, Ava - and the day LITERALLY went by in a blur (I tried all day, but couldn't get a still photo of them having fun)... See photo proof below.

Ava enjoying the runway at the Barbie exhibit
(there's Christopher, dancing behind her)

Sliding down, tummy first, on the penguin slide.

Waiting their turn for a carousel ride...
It was the perfect way to spend our final day as a family of three!

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