Friday, November 19, 2010

An Open Letter To Baby Heart

Dear Baby Heart,

I know your current location is nice, quiet, calm, peaceful, dark - not to mention you get delicious food sent your way far too frequently - but do you think that you could hurry up and come out already?

I promise that while things may not be nice, quiet, calm, peaceful or dark anymore, I will give you lots of food (and ok, quick confession - the food you are given at first may not be as delicious as you are used to - what is better than an oreo? - but the food will be tasty as soon as you are ready for the big girl stuff - and trust me on this, your daddy is an awesome chef)!

Also, if you are out HERE, I can hold you and hug you and kiss your baby nose (one more confession - you have an older brother who is currently the only grandchild on either side, so he MAY be a bit of an attention hound, but you all will adjust to each other).

Thank you for taking the above into consideration. Seriously though, hurry up - I'm excited to meet, and officially name, you!



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