Friday, November 5, 2010

When 2 Year Olds Talk...

Each morning when I drop off Christopher, he asks me to sit at the pre-school breakfast table with him and his friends. I am a sucker, so everyday I stuff my 9-month pregnant body into a teeny tiny chair and sit to chat with a group of two-year-olds.

Today, the little ones were talking about their baby siblings.

"I have a baby Brody..."

"My baby broder is sleeping..."

"I have sister!"

To all this, I said: "Did you know that Christopher is going to have a baby sister soon?"

All of them stopped and looked at me with blank expressions.

Then, Christopher's friend Chase nodded and said: "Yeah, Baby Heart." (Read this story if you don't know how C came about calling Baby Girl B "Baby Heart.")

So, apparently, Christopher and his school buddies sit around and have really clear, serious conversations about their little siblings (and frequently enough to know that this baby is "Baby Heart")! How cute are they?

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