Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Rubbing My Tummy

Christopher will occasionally pat my tummy, but he seems unsure about the baby moving, so he never touches it for very long.

Yesterday, we were hanging out - just the two of us - playing with Halloween Play Dough. He set his portion onto the table, looked at my tummy and reached out to touch it. He stood with his tiny hand on my tummy for a long time, with a look on his face said (at least to me):

"Why does everyone rub Mama's tummy? I see nothing exciting going on." He kept his hand there for a while and rubbed a little, said "Hi Baby Heart" a few times, and asked me a few questions ("She wiggling in there Mama?" "She coming to live here with us Mama?" "Baby Heart can hear me Mama?"). It was a really sweet few moments in time...

Side Note: It is not all tummy rubs and snuggle time. Later that evening, he excitedly threw dirty, cold bath water into my face and thought it was the most hilarious thing ever - but I have to hold onto and remember the sweet moments, right?

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